Smart Solution

Professional flight control,electronic image stabilization,computer vision, HD video transmission,all built in the Snapdragon 810,flying safer and controlling better

Object Folling

Follow SNAP 2.0 technology,automatic follow and shooting object in moving status.

3-Axis Electronic Image Stabilization

Global 3-Aixs electronic image stabilization ensure high quality shooting on flight

Facial Recognition

Face track algorithm,scan your face feature and start automatic following.

Gestural interfaces

Operate with gestural interfaces,get fun in operation.

GPS Positioning

GPS+ GLONASS dual satellite nagivation,pisitioning swift, Max against moderate breeze vision positioning ensure stable flight dual band wifi,stable connection.

This is Dobby

The first selfie drone can hide in pocket.Almost same weight with a iphone6 plus.

Your Cute Pet

Take off and landing on your hand,your personal pet drone

A Behave Drone

Take off with voice control.

A Sleepy Pet

Tap the top side 3 times lightly to wake up dobby,it will take off in 3 seconds

A Flip Drone

Perform a front flip and hovering in air.

Dobby's Turorial

Built-in manual,train a newbee to master in 5 minutes.Sliding screen and gravity sense control modes improve your shooting experience.

Dobby To Shoot

Born to selfie,capture better view.

Dobby's Module

13 mega photography pixel,4k HD Video Acquisition(30fps),1080p HD Electronic stability increased video,


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What Is The Battery Life Of Dobby Drone?

Battery life is 9 minutes, but you can extend your fun by using spare battery, a single battery weight is only 50g. And you also can charge your dobby by power bank, therefore battery is totally not a problem for dobby drone.

Does Dobby Drone Can Shoot Good Pictures When Flying?

Dobby drone has 3-Axis electronic image stabilization system, 13-megapixel camera, 1080P video recording, max wind resistance up to 4 levels. Dobby can delivery you very good picture in regular enviorment.(not recommend in extreme outdoor environment.

When Will My Order Be Delivered?

All orders will be delivery around end of June and early of July.

what Is The Shipping Cost?

We provide worldwide freeshipping, but you can pay extra $15 to get expedited shipping service.

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